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How To Make The Best Dating Profile To Attract The Perfect Bae

How To Make The Best Dating Profile To Attract The Perfect Bae

Okay… so you finally made your first online dating account but you have no clue what to write for your bio. How can you be funny but not cheesy? How can you seem interesting but not too boring? Oh no… what pictures should you use?! Creating the best dating profile can be tricky, but there are a few tricks to the trade. Here’s how to make sure yours stands out!

Pick The Best Photos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the ones you pick for your profile are no different. Luckily most sites give you the option to display a few pics to show off your many sides. A good rule of thumb is to pick at least four. A good close up shot like your favorite selfie, a full body shot of you in a great outfit, a semi professional “here’s what I do for a living/study in school”, and a fun, flirty personality photo to seal the deal.

The Hardest Part… Your Bio

Writing bios suck and always will, but think about the most important details you want to share about yourself. What are you looking for in a partner? What do you like to do in your spare time? What are you passionate about? Hate to say it, but think about it like forming the structure for a paper. Your hook and conclusion are most important. Try this format:

[interesting hook] [short greeting] [describe your interests in a witty way] [Invitation for conversation]

First things first, do you like watching cartoons in your free time? If you do, keep on reading. Hi! My name is Jasmine age 23 from New York City. I like good conversation, binging Netflix teen dramas, and staying up late with a good book. I’m a chill girl, with an outgoing side looking to meet new people. Message me to talk more, I don’t bite 🙂 

Think About Your Location

If you live in small town, it may be a good idea to expand your location settings to the closest major city. That way you can catch your country mice and city mice with one net. It expands your options and also makes you seem more accessible!

Social Media Friendly?

Sharing your social media pages is strictly up to you. Some don’t want to give away that private information, while others already have public pages and don’t mind pointing more followers in that direction. Sharing social media can give your potential bae more confidence that you are a real person, and also shows them even more sides of you and what you’re passionate about.

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Here Comes the Cliché… Be Yourself! 

No one’s suggesting you get on the internet and lie. Who you are is perfect and more than worthy enough, so make sure you bring all of that to your dating profile. Show off your personality so that it feels true to you. Also don’t be afraid to initiate your own connections! Send the first message after a Tinder match, clearly the interest is there so why not? Be you… everyone else is already taken!

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