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How to Stop Breaking Up With Your Passion Project

How to Stop Breaking Up With Your Passion Project

Man oh man…. to say this is an issue of mine is quite the understatement. I have constantly found myself extremely passionate about something, usually something I’m interested in, and then in the next few months I’m out of the groove.

As a college student it is extremely difficult to stay on top of your passion, in the midst of exams, classes, and preparing for graduation. I certainly got lost in the shuffle, but I am a work in progress as we all are.

Maybe for you it was a new blog, a channel on YouTube, your own business, or even trying to be healthier. Whatever it is we all have those hiatus moments when we lose touch of why we started the journey in the first place.

So to help all of us who have lost our mojo, I have created this blog post.

1. Remember why you started

Before you began putting yourself out there, or working to make a change in your life, there was a strong reason why. When you discovered that reason there was nothing that could stop you. Sometimes it helps to get back to that simple moment. For me I started blogging as therapy for myself and to give others helpful information about things I was interested in. And that’s always a quick way to get me back in the spirit.

2. Be realistic with yourself

When I first started blogging over the summer, I was available to post something new every single day. I was like a mad woman, constantly engaged in current events and always reaching out to spread my audience. But once I got back to school I never altered my editorial calendar or even thought of lessening my load. That was a problem! That lead me to simply pushing it off to the side until eventually I wasn’t even doing it at all. Whatever new thing you’re embarking on, make sure you are realistic about your commitment!

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3. Don’t be too hard on yourself

We all fall off the wagon. You haven’t worked out in the past 3 months, you’ve been eating whatever the hell you want… SO WHAT! Luckily today  is never too late to get back on that horse. I often felt I couldn’t come back to my blog because it had been way too much lost time. But that is far from true! Don’t count yourself out.

4. Keep your eyes on the future

With this new goal of yours, what is your desired outcome? Do you want to grow your audience? Do you want to want to experience new things? Whatever it is… VISUALIZE IT! Seriously, close your eyes and see yourself doing that great thing you want. Do it every day right before you get out of bed. Sometimes it helps to seewhat we want so we don’t lose sight of our goals.

5. Ask for help

More than likely there was someone you told about this new adventure of yours, maybe a friend or a family member. There might be someone rooting for you from the sidelines and that is the perfect person to talk to. Tell them how you’ve been feeling and let them shed some great advice on you. That might be the biggest push you need!

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