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How to Detox From News, Notifications, and Noise?

How to Detox From News, Notifications, and Noise?

The art of social media has become a huge part of modern life. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter help us stay connected with loved ones, catch up on news, and inspiring people. Yet we find ourselves spending hours endlessly scrolling through various feeds. For some people it can leave them feeling anxious, or drained. So how can you detox from notifications, news, and the noise of the world?

Here are some ways to detox:

Delete of Sign Out of Social Media Apps

It’s unlikely that you can let it go all together. However, deleting or signing out of the apps will be a first step. It will be a first step to detoxing from the constant notifications. Saying goodbye to your favorite apps will also help you focus more on other things when you are not constantly on social media, or looking at the news. I took a month to detox from my favorite apps. It was hard, however I felt more connected with what I love to do than looking at someone else’s life.

Create a DO NOT OPEN folder

On your phone, you can create a folder so you can’t open the apps. It’s an “out of sight out of mind” method to play mind tricks on yourself.

Time Limit

If you can’t delete the app, then put yourself on a time limit with apps like Freedom (available on iPhone and Android). You can set up a time block that you want the app to enable, and it allow you to cancel those time limits.

Another way to give yourself a time limit is a bedtime! It is difficult to do that now with the pandemic, but you will need to put your phone away at least an hour before you go to bed. While we are endlessly scrolling through feeds, we can get caught up in different apps for hours and lose track of the more important things. Try to be mindful of your time.

Find a Detox Buddy

Just like working out, going out to the club and turning up, it is nice to have a buddy to help you focus on your goals, and hold you accountable. Discussing the process of detoxing with your friends may help them come along for the ride if they feel the same way as you. Once you have found a buddy, make sure to check in with your buddy and give an update on how you are doing. You are more likely to stick to your goals more with a buddy, and not feel as bad when you have someone there to support you, even if you fall short.

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Practice Meditation

Find a sacred space that will help you get away from the noise of the world. Meditation helps you manage stress, sleep better, and be mindful of your surroundings than in the virtual world. There are apps that I use frequently to help with meditation, such as Audible, and Calm. Both apps help you find your sacred, calm space. If you don’t want to get another app on your phone, then there are tons of free videos on YouTube that will accommodate your needs.

Try this Guided Meditation Video!


How else do you like to detox from notifications and devices?

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