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Declutter Your Living Spaces

Declutter Your Living Spaces

Are you feeling anxious? Do you feel like your life is unorganized? You should declutter your living spaces! Clean out closets, kitchen cupboards, and etc. Out with the old and in with the new. 

Ask yourself 5 questions while decluttering your spaces and realistically answer”

  1. Does it still fit?
  2. Have you worn or used it in the last 12 months?
  3. If I saw this in the store today, would I buy it again?
  4. Would I wear or use this again?
  5. Do I look the way it looks on me?

If the answer is no then get rid of it!

Come up with a plan to get rid of items that you don’t necessarily need. Decluttering your spaces requires time, energy, organized bins and a design eye. 

Think about cleaning your closets for example. Ask yourself the 5 questions plus giving yourself time and energy to go through your closet space. Step by step to ensure that your closet is cleaned and organized:

See Also

  • Empty the closet
  • Categorize your clothes in piles of give away, keep, and donate
  • Group similar items
  • Place some items in bins
  • Develop a plan to keep it clean AT ALL TIMES

Now, let’s move to the kitchen! Organization is key to keeping a kitchen clean. All kitchen items have a place. Glassware in an area, plastic ware in another and pots in a different area. Food storage containers are great for flour, grains, and sugar to keep ants away. Use baskets for the fridge and pantry to better organize your food. It looks better when you open your fridge.  Make sure to cut down on cabinet clutter, because it will be easier to navigate where your appliances are located. 


There are tons of ways to organize your living spaces. The most important thing about organizing and decluttering is to keep it that way. Make sure the upkeep of your living spaces are clean and accessible to your needs. 

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