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Dealing With A Break Up? Do These 5 Things Right Now, Sis.

Dealing With A Break Up? Do These 5 Things Right Now, Sis.

Guest Blog from Sierra Monique

If you ever experienced a break up, we all know it’s one of the most heartbreaking things there is. Some relate it to it’s almost like losing someone in death. You may be going through it right now, but let’s look at how you can get over a break up. 


You may be miserable right now, but know what’s done is done and what’s said is said. Accept that the break up just happened.


Crying doesn’t mean you’re weak, it’s just apart of the healing process. Take a moment to grieve your loss.


Okay.. It’s time to move on… Delete his/her number, Stop blowing up their phone, Delete your message thread with this person, Delete photos on your phone, around the house or on social media. Go take a shower, do your hair, get cute and go out with your girls!

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Go get a mani and pedi! Go to happy hour at your local bar!

FOCUS ON YOU!!!!!!!!!! 

Do not focus on finding the next person. Focus on you and only you. Write down all your goals on a paper and stick them to your wall. Complete the goals! Never settle for less. You live and learn. You learned what you do not like from your past relationship. Stay focused and do not let other people or things become a distraction. ENJOY YOUR SINGLENESS! 

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