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A YouTuber for Every Kink and Curl

A YouTuber for Every Kink and Curl

From the kinkiest of the kinky to the curliest of the curly, there is a YouTuber here with advice to help your own hair pop out any given day! Now our task as fellow naturals is to find one closest to not only our curl pattern, but also our porosity, length, and unique hair needs. Knowing what to do with the locks sprouting from our scalp doesn’t always come second nature, so having a beautiful brown girl guide us on our hair journey is a must!


Danielle Reneé (3c)

With honest and on-trend reviews of lines such as SheaMoisture, Cantu, and Carol’s Daughter you are sure to know exactly what works for 3c naturals before even swiping it off the shelf. She comes with raw and detailed advice for whatever product you may have on your wishlist. Her curls fall pass her shoulders so she’s sure to dish out hacks to preserve long curls for weeks. Fairly new to YouTube her following is growing, but with her funny ‘best friend’ personality she will quickly become a channel to watch!

Jaelah Majette

Jaelah Majette (3b/3c)

Known among us naturals as the Definition Queen, Jaelah is here to lead us to the light of extreme curl definition and baby hairs that’ll have these girls sea sick. She has a video for all hair lengths since she filming her big chop. Bounce and volume are some of her other specialties, and she achieves bomb wash n’ go’s with simple products. Plus following her ‘lazy girl’ hair regimen, you won’t have to use a different product every five minutes! She also provides you with wigs by the boat load and we all need protective styles here and there!


Shanique (4a/4b/4c)

One of the most consistent YouTubers any natural can come across, Shanique offers amazing and up-to-date hair care routines. We may not always know exactly how to go about our wash day or which step we should switch up in the LOC method, but this channel will save you! Many type 4 girls struggle with management and retaining length, but with her beginner friendly twist outs and stretching methods your coils are set to show off their definition and length. She takes you on a journey that is unique among YouTube natural hair gurus, from a 2-3 year transition and a big chop. There’s something for everyone!

Keisha Charmaine

Keisha Charmaine (Locs)

Dreads down her back, colored a beautiful red, Keisha has a whole source for my locked up naturals who want new and unique styles. Whatever your in the mood to rock, from up-dos to wavy mermaid locs, to elegant curls, she has you covered! Educating us all on any method to maintain locs and to love your hair, she is the author of “More Than A Hair Journey”. Keisha Charmaine is here to guide us through bright colored dying sessions and heat-free long lasting curls!

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