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Here Are 8 Black TikTokers That Deserve Their Flowers

Here Are 8 Black TikTokers That Deserve Their Flowers

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been down the TikTok rabbit hole, so today I want to give you guys a few black TikTokers that deserve recognition. Being that it’s Black History Month, what better time is there to amplify black voices?! In this article, I’ll cover a few different niches, but feel free to drop a comment with your favorite black TikToker and we can get an ongoing list!




@mayaxsymone Apologies for the chaotic voiceover #fyp #apartmenttour #laapartment #studioapartment #maximalist #boho #livingalone #apttour #firstapartment ♬ Hrs and Hrs – Muni Long

Black girl luxury living is inclusive. What drew me to Maya’s content was her keen sense of style in interior design. Unlike a lot of trending minimalist home interiors, Maya’s home gives ‘maximalist’ vibes with an emphasis on eclectic pieces that brighten her space. My favorite video is where she shows how she transformed an affordable studio in Los Angeles into a cozy nest that any of us would be lucky to call home. Living in LA is not cheap, but she is transparent about finding a great deal in one of the quieter neighborhoods of the city. She even shares how much she pays for rent, and how she furnished her apartment with stores like Marshalls and Target. She shows us that a luxury home is not exclusive to a penthouse apartment. If you’re looking to liven up your space, follow Maya for inspo. 




@miskeenofcolor This is my application to join book tok. These books got me through 2021 and helped me redefine my relationship with reading. #booktok #blackgirlreads ♬ original sound – Miskeenofcolor

Timiro Mohamed is a spoken word poet and booktoker, all while simultaneously serving radiant makeup looks in her videos. A video that really spoke to my soul was her expressing how academic reading took her off track from leisure reading. This was enlightening for me because for the longest time, I thought I hated reading, when the reality was, so much of the reading in my life has been associated with school assignments and a grading system. She gives a short but mighty list of black girl reads that helped her reconnect with her love for books, like Children of The Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi. Check out this video for the full list! Her page features some of her beautifully-written original poetry, as well as the link to access her project Incantations of Black Love. Her writing echoes confidence, freedom, and the unapologetic life of a black woman. 



@thunder_reads 2/3 Teddy 😍 #booktok #blackbooktok #ChristinaCJones #TheLoveSisters ♬ Fmoig ca.venchy – venchysmind

With plenty of comedic relief and a ton of authenticity, @thunder_reads is the page to go to for honest book reviews and recommendations. What I love most about Maya’s content is that she gives recommendations for books she loves, and also books that were not good or did not meet the hype. This is so important, as we all know how hard it can be to commit to a new book! We’re talking about giving hours of attention to something, so it’s nice to get a preview of what we can expect. Aside from being one of the best booktokers, I’m convinced she has the best bonnets on Tiktok too! 




@imdrebrown #genz #youngprofessional #wfh ♬ original sound – DeAndre Brown

As a ‘corporate baddie’ myself, Andre Brown’s page is hilarious and way too relatable. His content includes lighthearted jokes about being a millennial or gen z in the workplace, working from home when you’re really working from happy hour, and what it’s like being black in corporate. What I love most about Dre’s content aside from the funnies, is that his lifestyle videos also portray work/life balance. He shows things like a regular day in the life, being a dog parent, and being a full-time corporate employee while also being a dedicated content creator. Similar to Maya, black luxury comes in all forms. I’ve seen a lot online recently about people being discouraged from their 9-5 jobs as the content creator/influencer lifestyle looks more appealing, but this shows that you can live a luxurious life while doing either or both. If you’re looking for a daily laugh, follow DeAndre Brown. 




@convertible.bert Part 1 #menswear #sportswear #leisurewear #smallbrand #smallbusiness ♬ Love (feat. IshDARR) – J.Robb & Beya Likhari

Between OOTD and mini home vlogs, Bert’s content emulates black boy joy. He provides motivational affirmations, menswear style tips, and also provides insight on popular name brand pieces like Nike. He is also the owner of a brand called Offseason Projects that focuses on leisurewear and sportswear (which explains why he’s so fashionable). My favorite part of his content is when he shares his home – which gives a sleek, modern vibe blessed with the presence of his thriving plants. He even has a color-coordinated book collection. Follow Bert for your regular fit check, and quality homebody lifestyle content. 



@wesleyjtaylor happy Sunday…you know the vibes! hope you’re able to take a few moments for yourself today 🧡 #fyp #ITriedItIPrimedIt #plantsoftiktok #vinylrecords ♬ original sound – _djuice

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Also referred to as “cozytok,” Wesley’s content includes a vast array of things you’ll love – from home decor, to plant parenting, to vinyl recommendations. Most of his videos highlight angles of his captivating apartment that will likely have you taking home decor notes. His sense of humor includes mocking his inability to stop buying more houseplants, which resonates with a lot of plant lovers. I particularly enjoy his Turntable Tuesday videos because even if you don’t own a vinyl player, you’ll still receive some top-notch music recommendations with a little history behind it. 




@knightsglow I love how willing he is to try things a second time! #momtok ♬ original sound – KnightsGlow

Whether you’re a mom or not, these baby cheeks are guaranteed to brighten your day. Knight is a lifestyle, mom-life, and hair blogger. A lot of her videos focus on her beautiful baby boy, watching him grow and experience new things, as well as her journey as a mom. We see her introducing him to new foods and the joy he gets when she reads him bedtime stories. I love that her content also surrounds balance and the ways she prioritizes joy as an individual. She shows a girls night out, date night, and a wash day featuring products that help with postpartum hair shedding. This page is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, but also highlight the reality of motherhood, and the steps you can take toward balance as a mother.




@botanicallybe Did you know? @botanicallybe #planttok #planttiktok #houseplants #plantfacts #blackplantmom #plantfluencer #blackplantparent #plantsoftiktok ♬ Hip Hop with impressive piano sound(793766) – Dusty Sky


Britt, a plant enthusiast, creates content for anyone looking to learn anything about plants. Literally. She provides plant care tips, advice, and fun facts that can be beneficial to beginner or expert plant lovers. We see videos about propagating, plant shopping with her, and my personal favorite video where she talks about 5 mistakes she’s made as a plant parent. Let’s just say the girls who get it, get it. But if you’re a plant parent to even just one plant baby, 60+ plants, or looking to start plant parenthood; @botanicallybe is the creator to have on your feed.

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