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5 Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support Right Now

5 Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support Right Now

Police brutality is something that the black community has now faced for many years. Last Monday the world unfortuanately watch this unfold, as Geroge Floyd’s last words were recorded as he pleaded with a knee planted heavily on his neck. The last straw on the camels back. People worldwide have been coming together regardless of sex, origin and racial background.

GROW/N understands that not everyone is not able to join the frontlines and want to inform you that there are many other ways you can fight with us! One way you can do so is supporting black owned businesses. According to Mona Chalabi COVID-19 already has had an huge impact on black owned businesses. 40% of black owned businesses have gone bankrupt compared to the 15% of white owned businesses. 21% of black business owners don’t believe they will be able to stay in business compared to the 5% of white business owners.

Currently the Twitter community is asking their friends and followers to share their own business or other black owned businesses that everyone can support during this time. When “black owned businesses” is entered into the search engine 700+ tweets immediately pop up with useful information. There are many useful ways you can find black owned businesses to support online, get started in the right direction with these 5 black owned businesses listed below:


Seasoned Vegan

Seasoned Vegan starting June 3rd Season Vegan will be opening back up for takeout and delivery. Check out their Instagram page for updates or give them a call at 212 – 222 – 0092.


Yam Nyc is an upcycle handmade jewlery shop based in Astoria Queens. Check out their Instagram@yam_nyc or their to find out more.



Hands is a shop dedicated to making ethical handmade beaded bags based in Ghana. Check out their instagram @hands.bags , their items can also be found on asosmarketplace and depop!


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Pur home formualtes eco friendly products from household to skincare. Check out their instagram@purhomeclean or their website for more information


BlackGirl Sunscreen

A sunscreen created for POC by WOC with natural ingridients perfect for everyday use. Check out their instagram @blackgirlsunscreen and website 

#BlackLivesMatter not just today but everyday. Continue to educate and learn. Be safe, be brave and let’s continue to contribute to CHANGE. Sending Love & Light during this time.

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