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When Is It Time To Leave A Job You Love?

When Is It Time To Leave A Job You Love?

Life is about challenge and adventure, at least it is for me. One of the places where I seek that challenge and adventure is in my career. I subscribe to the Ari Fitz’s of life, meaning I identify as a storyteller, but most folks see what I do and call it journalism. Within the lines of journalism/writing/storytelling is a lot of movement  as opposed to working as a member of an insurance company for 20+ years. At any rate, the question in both kinds of careers can become: how do I know when it’s time to leave?

Whether you’re a freelancer, an aspiring artist, climbing the ladder in corporate, or working part time in your family restaurant, these are three ways I figure it out:

1. What have I done

I try to look at all I’ve given to a certain position/publication and if I made the difference I set out to make. If the answer is yes, move on to the next part.

2. Was what I did here helpful

The answer to this is typically always yes so it makes things difficult to move on to the last piece of the puzzle.

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3. Have I grown here/ Can I grow here anymore

No matter where I write I always grow so that’s not the issue, but if I can grow anymore is, you see if I really like a gig I NEVER want to leave, even if I KNOW I’ve outgrown the place/gig. It then becomes a matter of if I’m scared to leave, which is typically the case for a lot of people. I find that the fear isn’t leaving but in not knowing what the next bit of growth entails. Fear of the unknown…as they say.

No matter your decision-making process in deciding to leave a job you love. It’ll be a mighty difficult one. It comes down to either growing while the job grows with you or purposely continuing to wear sneakers too small when you know your toe is about to wear a hole through the top. Growth is scary, but essential. So grow or you’ll be even more upset at stagnation.

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