Brittnie Applon

Brittnie Applon is a part-time lifestyle writer. When she's not giving unsolicited advice, she spends her days stressing about nothing while watching court shows and Golden Girls.


Laikyn is a women with her hands dipped in a selection of fields. A freelance stylist and Harlem native residing in Brooklyn. In her spare time she enjoys picking up her film camera, anything Grow/n related , thrifting her life away and FOOD.

Taj Cutting

Taj Cutting is an interior and experience designer who loves to travel. When not exploring the world, she enjoys writing, kickboxing classes and eating more Mediterranean food than she can manage!

Tre Small

Trè is a Harlem based artist. She is a theatre actress, writer, amateur photographer and professional chef, at her house. She is a plant mom to 4 beautiful ferns.


Conjure doctor, mystical artist, musician, medium, and black ass spiritualist currently doing healing work and making music in Los Angeles California.

Kamaria Jade

A struggling 20-something year old with a passion for lifestyle, pop culture, and all things black girl magic.