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Keep Your Beauty Routine Simple With BTTH BBY

Keep Your Beauty Routine Simple With BTTH BBY

The most important part of a foolproof skin care routine is making sure it’s effective and it’s simple. While buying fifty different products that all do the same thing may make you feel like a beauty guru, it may not always benefit your skin. This summer keeping it simple is staple, and new small business BTTH BBY (pronounced Buttah Baby) is here to help your skin glow using basic ingredients.

Founded by 24 year old Sierra Battle, BTTH BBY provides natural, vegan skincare for the highly melanated. The company produces an array of body butters or “btths” as well as shower necessities, skincare, haircare, and will expand to include cosmetics.

“I’ve always been intrigued by creating natural butters for my skin and hair. I’d love to be able to use my knowledge to service other women like myself”

The mission of BTTH BBY is to ensure simple ingredients create simply radiant skin. Because as we said, keeping it simple is key! Sierra and her team create products to celebrate the Black Woman in all her shapes, colors, and intricacies.

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“We pride ourselves in curating a quality experience with each product.”

As the sun heats up, staying moisturized is even more important. It’s high time you narrow down your beauty closet and get started adding BTTH BBY to your life! With whipped body butters coming in either Suede, Juicy Fruit, Lavendula, and So Icy you’re bound to find the one just right for you.

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