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After Battling Her Health, Shannon Boyce Created Her Own Skin Care Line ‘Bodied By Shannon’

After Battling Her Health, Shannon Boyce Created Her Own Skin Care Line ‘Bodied By Shannon’

For thirty-two year old Shannon Boyce, the call to owning her own brand of skin care products, Bodied by Shannon, came from necessity. She wanted to pamper herself, but also wanted to keep the contents of her wallet a priority. As a stay at home wife and mother of three, she wanted to create a special skin care experience without breaking the bank.

Everything had to be “budget friendly”! I wanted those spa treatments I saw on tv and online but wasn’t willing to pay for them!

In addition to wanting to be fiscally responsible, Shannon’s health also prompted the creation of Bodied by Shannon. The young entrepreneur recalls taking up to eight medications daily, before a friend suggested a holistic approach to health.

“A close friend introduced me to herbs that could help ease some of the issues I was having. I began experimenting with herbs and using essential oils for aromatherapy.”

From there, Shannon created a line of body butters, bath salts, sugar scrubs, soaps, body oils, essential oils, and more. She even creates beard products for men! With a mission to provide quality, cost friendly products to her customers, Shannon wants to not only provide skin care but a holistic experience.

“My ultimate goal for Bodied is Holistic Health. I eventually want to open a site where we offer services like massages, and yoga classes. I want to expand the product line to include herbal teas, aromatherapy candles, detoxes etc.” 

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And she doesn’t plan to do this alone. Shannon hopes to expand her brand with the help of fellow like minded women of color. Not an easy feat by any means, but this business woman keeps her eyes on the prize at all times. While being an entrepreneur has proved difficult at times, Shannon remains motivated to create a space for healthy beauty products.

“For every naysayer, there are about 2 or 3 people who are proud of you just because you took that leap to try something new and different.”

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