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AKILA Glow heals and detoxes your skin!

AKILA Glow heals and detoxes your skin!

Many of us want flawless, glowing skin but aren’t aware it takes more than simply slapping on shimmering lotion. The key to glowing skin lies in the products we use on the daily basis, and most of the things in our bathroom cabinet could actually be working against us. After doing her own research on what’s best for that natural glow, 24-year-old Marnique Rogers developed her own solution that not only heals skin but detoxes as well.

The young entrepreneur created AKILA Glow, operating online out of Syracuse New York. With a main ingredients like aloe vera, lemon, honey, and avocado, AKILA glow provides a necessary answer to the age old question “What’s both effective and safe for my skin?”

“I understand the importance of providing consumers with authenticity, quality, and purpose. My products are authentic because they’re homemade with fresh organic products. My product has quality ingredients and most importantly has purpose.”

The brand offers a variety of skin care options in acne scrubs, face masks, bath bombs, clay masks and even beard serum for the fellas. It’s a one stop shop to all your beauty needs, as the heat rises and your skin becomes even more fragile.

Marnique named her brand partly after herself as Aikela is her middle name, but also in tribute to the african translation of the word meaning “beautiful.” With all natural ingredients aimed at giving you healthy skin it’s clear her products plan to live up to that name sake.

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“My mission is to provide an affordable organic product so people can take care of their skin in a healthy and harmless way. As an entrepreneur of color I learned the importance of making my product all inclusive and affordable.”

One day Marnique hopes to see her products on major shelves like Walmart or Target, but until then you can stay up dated with AKILA Glow  and place your orders!

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