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The Lifestyle Brand For New York Living. Get Artsy With Apt. 1C!

The Lifestyle Brand For New York Living. Get Artsy With Apt. 1C!

Living in New York can spark the artist inside of us all. The lights, the energy, the infamous city that never sleeps. If you weren’t in touch with your inner black creative before the Big Apple, you’ll probably become one after a few subway adventures. 35 year old Robyn Smith was one of those people.

The remarkable city ups and downs inspired her to create her very own lifestyle brand offering hand made goods she put together right in her apartment! Hence her company  name…. Apt. 1C!

Carrying an array of unique goods such as jewelry, home decor, art, greeting cards, stationary and more, Apt. 1C draws inspiration from modern art, pop culture and world travel. Robyn also keeps her city abode in mind with every creation.

“I make the products right out of my apartment. The name basically encompasses all things you’d see in an apartment like home decor/jewelry/art etc.”

Robyn cites the mission of her brand is to offer quality and affordable handmade products for her growing customer base. Starting just this past January, she already has her eyes on one day entering major boutiques and department stores.

 “So far, I’ve learned that you if you put your best foot forward, stay true to yourself, and are passionate about your business, you will always succeed.”

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With a spunky, edgy style that’s subtle and yet statement, Apt. 1C is perfect for the millennial girl in a millennial city world. Get ready to bring Apt. 1C home with you and stay updated!

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