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Going Natural is A Lifestyle With Morning Dew Hair Care

Going Natural is A Lifestyle With Morning Dew Hair Care

Looking for a job is incredibly stressful. For most it causes you to sink to a low you’re not sure you can return from. You’re constantly wondering how to meet those responsibilities staring back at you. It’s a test of will power and perseverance. But if you’re luckily it also brings a new perspective, pushing you to get creative with opportunity around you. Back in 2011, Leslie White felt the spark to get creative.

After becoming unemployed and battling emotional and financial stress, she decided to experiment with hair care. With her knowledge of biochemistry from undergraduate and graduate school, Leslie began working on a solution for her dry hair. This led to the creation of her first product Mango Coconut Sunshine but she wasn’t immediately convinced to start her own business.

“I never wanted to be a businesswoman, I don’t even like talking to strangers which was why I knew the idea had to be from God.”

Once she secured a new job, she kept researching and Morning Dew Hair Products was born.

Morning Dew offers hair masques, pomades, conditioners, shampoo, and more. The company seeks to provide all natural products that maintain and restore the health of kinky-curly hair. Leslie brings her love for science to every product, and her love for delivering quality to her customers

“Morning Dew is a gift God gave to me and me alone and it wont be duplicated by anyone else.  Im here to support and encourage generations to come.  Its not all about me and my business.”

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Leslie hopes to bring Morning Dew to major stores and to one day host her own Natural Hair Expo. She wants to encourage women to be more conscious of the products we use in our hair and beauty routines, and even in the foods we eat. Her love for natural products blossomed into a love for a natural lifestyle, and she hopes to inspire others to follow in her footsteps.

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