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Nourish and Love is Here For Your Hair

Nourish and Love is Here For Your Hair

Started from a blog and now we’re here. One woman’s dream to bring proper representation to kinkier hair textures, is now a reality. Stephanie Ayler of Vienna, Virginia created her brand Nourish and Love after trying her hand at blogging back in 2011. Her aspirations to provide adequate hair care grew, however the booming trend in natural hair made her momentarily press pause on her goals.

“I felt that I had missed my window so I put it on the backburner so to speak. Even still this business just kept calling to me and I never completely let it go. So I decided to step away from my fears and step out of faith.”

And step out on faith she did, launching Nourish and Love officially just last year. The company currently has one NourishMe collection available, geared towards empowering textured hair care through enrichment and hair knowledge. The brand seeks to uplift and rebuild the image of women of color, from the root to the crown!

“As black women our hair is important, it’s cultural, it’s our heritage. It’s socially significant. It’s powerful, it links us to our people. It is the crown we never take off.”

Ayler is also in the works of launching her own Digital Hair Repair, a coaching program to cater to naturalistas even more. She currently has her own ebook entitled “The Ultimate Natural Hair Product Guide” featuring over 40 top rated natural hair care brands. This guide will point you to the right company for your curls as well as your wallet!

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While Nourish and Love reaches heights, this #girlboss hopes to turn her dreams of being a staple in the natural hair community into a reality. With one day placing her brand on major store shelves, and opening her own hair workshop space, Ayler and her company will soon be the kinky curly companion every girl needs!

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