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Fragile Wildflower Productions Sets Out To Make Women In The Industry The New Normal

Fragile Wildflower Productions Sets Out To Make Women In The Industry The New Normal

Representation matters and it always has. There’s nothing like seeing someone who looks and thinks like you on TV, in the news, in politics, in sports, or even in the hospital or at school. It’s that small feeling of validation that says to you “people like me matter in this space… I CAN actually achieve that goal.”

As important as representation is, we women of color have a long way to go before we are truly represented in the ways we should be. It is therefore imperative that we continue to not only take our rightful places against patriarchy, but to also create safe spaces by us and for us (much like this here blog *shameless plug*)

Luckily, another trailblazing girl boss has paved the way for women in the multimedia industry to do just that, with her company Fragile Wildflower Productions.

Headed by New Orleans native Courtni Saizon (pictured in the middle in the following picture), Fragile Wildflower Productions is a safe haven created to break glass ceilings and make women in the industry the new normal. Creating short films, web series, and mini series Saizon seeks to capture the authentic experiences of minorities and women.

Our motto is Diverse Media, Diverse Talent. I want to know what their [minorities and women] goals are, their hopes and dreams, and then I hope to be a part of their journey in some way. I want them to gain clarity and confidence in regard to what they want to do in the industry.

Operating out of New York, Fragile Wildflower Productions began just last year from Courtni’s passion for creativity. What started as a love for writing short stories and acting, soon blossomed into writing scripts, producing and directing. She is now behind a short film Sisters, and two web series Take Two and Complexities, which have gained over 20,000 joint views since their release.

I started this business because I’ve always been a creative in some way, form, or fashion. After writing my scripts I naturally wanted to direct them. And because no one else was going to be as driven as me to get my projects off the ground I started producing my own work.

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Taking on her own production company has been no easy feat for the young creative, teaching her countless lessons in entrepreneurship as a woman of color. While she has plans to continue producing, writing, and directing she also hopes to lend her talents to others both domestically and abroad. She hopes to not only grow FWP but use it as a space to mentor and collaborate with other creatives.

I’ve learned how to be a leader (and I’m still learning that every single day). I’ve learned how to be more patient, when I need to be tough and when I need to back off. I’ve learned to be like bamboo, strong but flexible.

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