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Buying Your First Sex Toy

Buying Your First Sex Toy

If you feel awkward because you clicked on this article….it’s okay. You’re in a safe space! Let’s get down to the nitty gritty about buying your very first sex toy.

As sexually liberated as many women are, it still feels pretty nerve wrecking to walk into a store and announce to everyone that you plan to masturbate. I mean, yes, masturbating is a pretty natural and normal thing, but some of us still don’t like to blast our “alone time” habits to the world. But I’m here to tell you that no matter how strange you may feel walking into that adult store you definitely should TAKE THE LEAP. But before you cross over into the beautiful land of orgasms, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Know Where to Go

Before you set out to buy your first toy, think about where to get it from! There are well known adult stores like Adam & Eve, or even stores with adult sections like Spencer’s, or you can even order discretely online. My advice? Go in person to a store specialising in only adult items. This way you can actually see, hold, and test toys with the help of a store employee, ask questions about the best products, and not feel so weird walking around with your vibrator if the store mostly sells graphic t-shirts.

Also think about the timing! If you want a bit more privacy, try going an hour before closing when there’s bound to be less people. Or pick an odd hour during the week if you have time. But overall, don’t psych yourself out. Everyone in the store is there for something sexual, you are not alone!

Think About What You Want

It’s important to know your body before you decide to buy a sex toy. There are various types and stimulations, so don’t just get something because you heard it’s popular. Do you like clitoral stimulation? Do you want penetration? Do you want both at the same time? Looking to hit your G-Spot? Do you like to masturbate in the shower? Then you may need something waterproof. Do you want to masturbate discretely because you have roommates? Then you may want a quiet vibrator or something that doesn’t vibrate at all.

Before you go to the store, do a quick search online for their sex toy categories. That way you at least know what to expect. (I’ve had great success with the rabbit, but again…. everyone’s different!)

It Can Get Pricey

One thing I didn’t expect when shopping for my new pleasure pal was the prices. This sh*t can get expensive! The higher quality toys can be upwards of $100, NOT including batteries. You can find pretty effective toys for at least $20-30, however I would suggest giving yourself some financial leg room. I gave myself the budget of $50 dollars and found a toy I liked for about $54. Before you splurge on the newest top of the line item, buy the cheaper version first to make sure you even like it!

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Ask for Help

Walking into a store and seeing a bunch of plastic penises on the wall can be extremely overwhelming. Like… all I want is an orgasm I really don’t know if the purple dick will do it better than the green vibrator. SO ASK QUESTIONS. As awkward as you may feel, the employees there are open to your sexual questions otherwise they wouldn’t be working there!

Ask what’s the best selling products, ask about what you like and what toys accommodate that, ask about the warranty (sometimes toys break like mine did), ask about the proper batteries! This last one is really important because sometimes your toy won’t take regular brand batteries, so ASK ASK ASK.

Fun For Two?

Sex toys are also great for relationships! Adding a toy or two could spice things up in ways you never imagined.  This is also great for women who may struggle to reach an orgasm during sex, something like a vibrator could help you and your partner out a lot! Get creative and have fun with it. Go shopping together and spend the rest of the day trying your purchases out (talk about an awesome date night?)

Using toys is all about sexual pleasure, don’t be ashamed! Take my advice, your body will thank you later.

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